Hacking Tools for Professional Hacker!

All hackers use hacking tools. You can say the hacker can be a white hat, black hat or gray hat. Without tools, It is not possible to complete the job of a professional hacker or a hacker for hire in time.

Using hacking tools does not make you script kiddies. But if the person does not understand how the tool is working and what the hacking tool is doing, of course, he is obviously not a professional hacker.

Another important thing is a professional hacker for hire love to use opensource hacking tools. Because most of these hacking tools are written in python, bash or ruby script. For example, Metasploit created in ruby.

The lots of exploits script for overflow type vulnerability. It is an opensource tool. Sometime it may not work without slight modification. But if the hacker is not able to re-analyze the vulnerability in his local machine and find the problem then modify as required, what kind of hacker will you call him? Is he a perfect hacker for hire? No! he is just a newbie and learning about the hacking.

Most of the popular hacking tools such as :

  1. Nmap
  2. Metasploit
  3. WPScan
  4. John the Ripper.
  5. Aircrack-ng

It could be used very effectively. These are just tools for an ethical hacker or professional hacker. But the hacker’s success depends on his hacking skills.

Doing everything manually is very time-consuming. Where is the problem if the hacker uses some hacking tools manually?

For full list of the professional hacking tools follow the link:

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