Need professional hacker? You can hire a hacker!

hacker for hire

What is Professional Hacker?

A professional hacker is someone who has advanced skills on computer internal, and can break computer security for ethical purpose. The real professional hacker need to have knowledge in various fields. He must need to have some knowledge as basic such as Networking, programming and low level of operating system. When a person can understand these fields, he or she can easily find weakness of computer network.

Using some tools such as metasploit,nmap,acunitix can’t make someone a professional skilled hacker. It is a life time learning and only can be achieved the true skills from practical work. Lot’s of guys these days, watching some video in youtube, and calling themselves hackers. I would say, they are script kiddies.

Why Hire a hacker here?

If you really want to hire a professional hacker, the best option for you is “the Genius” . This team providing you ethical hacking service for many good reason. One of the best valued reason is, solving your problem.

The Genius team worked for various company and provided best possible hacking solutions, such as Regaining access to computer and Server. From these work, the Team(including me) gained lot’s of practical skills.

Certification is nothing for real hacking, but Most of us completed CEH,CISSP, OSCP etc. Anyone of the Genius Hacker Group is certified, professional and practically, intensely skilled!

In hacking, success come from the failing! But This team, won’t fail so much time and won’t fail without success. Hacking is intentionally failing for success .But the genius team fail count is very minimum!

The reason to provide hacking services

There were no plan to provide ethical hacking service this way. Just one of the hobby was to share some knowledge so that others can learn and we can expand our skills. But lots of peoples complained, they got scammed by fake hackers for hire! Some peoples truly was looking for help, and other was taking the chance of it! In that time, thought, how about giving someone true help on hacking and in return they also help us? Just find the answer please!

Hopefully, you now understand why “the genius” team is better than others!

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