Useful books to get into hacking!

A good book can take you so far. Having some good book really a good idea to learn something new and improving our knowledge. I have posted some useful book’s amazon link (no matter how you get them). These book will really help you much to go into hacking.  After reading these book you will have a very good understanding of system and hacking and you will be able find out the information what you are looking for. There are thousands of free papers but you don’t know what to search and what to learn. After reading these book you will have goal though.

1. C Primer Plus 5th Edition: To get into hacking and penetration we need to understand programming Language. Most of the powerful language is C. This book is very good to learn the C programming language whereas “The C programming language” is bit harder for newbie. Get this book and start reading.

2.  Core Python Application Programming: For automatic and quick task we must need to code in an scripting language(Such as for exploit development). For this, the python is really very powerful(my favorite language). Learn Python from this book. For basic of python get the book “Learn python the hard way” or go to tutorial section.

3. Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Assembly language is very very important for understanding how system work and for exploit development. This book will teach you the basic assembly language using nasm which is enough to understand asm registers,instruction and basic coding(such as shellcoding). After read this book you should read intel manuals.

4. Advanced Linux Programming: Don’t avoid the Linux internal. We are required to know Linux Internal And system programming is best to go with. This book is good and freely download-able.

5. Get two books on Windows: Windows® Internals, Part 1: Covering Windows Server® 2008 R2 and Windows 7
 Windows Internals, Part 2: Covering Windows Server® 2008 R2 and Windows 7

and read them when you have free time. It is very useful knowing windows internals.

6. Basic of penetration testing 2nd edition: I have read the first edition and it was good for newbie who is coming into hacking. Get Basic idea of penetration testing and hacking from this book.

7. Web application hacker handbook 2nd edition: This is a gold book to learn web hacking. If you are newbie and read this book carefully then you will have a very good understanding of hacking web. I believe you don’t need any other book to learn web hacking. After reading this book you just need to start your real research on web hacking. Another book is owasp “web application penetration testing guide” which a good start too.

8. The shellcoder’s handbook second edition: This book is very good to learn system hacking. It is bit outdated but still very useful. It discussed about common software vulnerability like buffer overflow, format string, shellcoding etc. Get this book!!!

9. Hack using python:  I did not read this book fully but the book is very good if you want to know that how to hack using python programming language. Yes , You should read this book(Get somehow!).


10. Corelan: Corelan have more than 11 tutorials which is worth than other commercial exploit development course and books. Read them if you want to move to exploit development and shellcoding. 

11. Metasploit cookbook

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