Install Joomla and do the practice

We have installed wordpress which is really very very easy to install. Now i am going to show you to install JOOMLA . I think you are enough smart to understand that why we need joomla, wordpress or others things . Let’s start,

Download joomla from

it is a zip file .Extract it same as WordPress i did.

We need to install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server

Some of them we already installed when installed the wordpress

So simply :

apt-get install  libapache2-mod-php5 
 Now We need to configure the mysql server for JOOMLA.

Here is the screenshoot:

Please write the command using your hand instead coping and pasting (hehe). You also see 3 Errors in this screen shot which is juice for a hacker. Whenever you give bad command you will get this error. 
We are ready to go,
Browse http://localhost/joomla/installation/  click “next” :

In the next stage you will see another windows and check if it has all dependency . Make sure:

OK click “Next”

Now it should display the license agreement , Again click “Next”

Now it should display a page for configuring database. So configure it like :

Warning: You should not use the root user for database if you are following this guide for business purpose.
OK now click ‘next’

Now you will get FTP server configuration. But if you wish to not use the ftp service then just click ” next” 

This is the last step:

Now just : rm -r /var/www/joomla/installation.

Default Admin page http://localhost/administrator 

Good Luck!!!

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