Month: December 2011

DNS Enumeration

Today I will show you how to enumerate DNS using various tools. These freely downloadable from Internet. Every Penetration testers know that By Enumerating DNS it is possible to get some important public (May be sometime Private information too) information such as Server name, Server IP address, Sub-domain etc. Anyway, Lets use some tools. Tool-1 …

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Web Hacking tools

You can get full list of the hacking tools from Here Burp suiteDownload : Owasp-zapDownload: DirBuster:Download: AcunitixDownload: w3afDownload: Nikto Download:  Sqlmap Download: Tamper DataDownload:  Live HTTP Header Download: Cookie Monster Download: Hackbar Download: Hydra Download:  These are most important tools for attacking website(i think these are enough). If you …

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