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Hacking skills Does not come from theory, it is practical efforts and result of hard work and experience!
Hiring a hacker in somewhere else? Can he really complete your given hacking job?
The only reason to provide hacking service to give everybody
opportunity hire a real hacker who really can do the job!

The Only Professional Hackers For Hire

Genuine Hackers for hire

No bullshit like other fake hacker for hire! Hire the real genius hacker today! The best and professional Ethical Hacking Service provided!

Real Hacking Skills

Having kali linux installed Using some tools like nmap or metasploit without understanding can't make someone hackers. It requires real hacking skills.

Dedicated Hacker with 24 hours supports

The hacking services provided here is not for crime purpose. It is real pentesting and security service and offered supports whenever you need!

Professional Hacking Services

Want to Hire a hacker? Lost access to your device, computer or online accounts? The genius hacker for hire can help you. Having years of experience in various hacking fields. Hire the Genius hacker and get your job done!

Web Hackers For Hire

Need to test security of your website or database? Or need to fix a hacked website? Only A real hacker for hire can help with that who has the real hacking experience! Hire a professional Hacker only!

Computer hackers For hire

Is Your computer acting odds? May be your computer got hacked by malicious hacker? Or you need to pentest a computer or network? The professional and genius hacker available to be hired!

Email or Social Media hackers

Someone broke your email or other social media password? Can't access the account anymore? Hire a hacker and get back safely! You will get real hacking service to recover the email social accounts!

Hire a Hacker for other task

You need something different Hacking Services? Such as , need help for reputation management, link removal etc? We can help you with any kind of hacking! Hire a Hacker!

genuine professional Hackers for hire

The Genius hacker for hire is really lucky get real hacking experience for several years. Only reason to provide hacking services to help people instead get scammed!



The Genius hacker for hire is astonished watching the scam of lots of peoples who need help with hacking. The mission is to help them who really want to hire a hacker!

  • 10 years experience in working in various industries as a ethical hacker for hire!
  • As a lover of security exploits, kept the hacking knowledge up to date.
  • No fucking scam complaint! Hire a hacker with peach of mind and get your job done!
  • Professional, Certified and Skilled! You will be only hiring a hacker who truely professional!
  • Want support from real hacker for hire? The genius hacker ready to give you available 24 hours.
  • All hacking and pentesting tools ready. No excuse to buy new hacking tools!
  • The only and best professional hacker for hire!
  • We don't hack anything magically. Hackers can do many awesome thing but hackers are not god.
  • We don't recruit so called top hackers. We are just few persons do the security research,share knowledge and if possible then help others with legit problem!


Genius Hackers made Hiring a hacker is simple,fast and secure! No hassle, No worry, Just Hire a hacker !


You just contact with your requirement!


We get back in 24 hours with the details of cost


We discus what you really need.


Within 5-7 days you get your job done!

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Testimonial - Hackers for hire

Always tried to hire a hacker! But most of the time i got scammed. Most of them never replied me back after receiving my first payment. But your experience,skilled and hard work made me happy. You just fixed my phone as fast as possible! I will have more jobs for you in the future! Thanks!
Bianca Mitch
Fitness Model

What is Professional Hacker Really?

A professional hacker is a security researcher. He is expert in computer programming and networking. Hacking is actually learning. A professional Hacker always learn the things. Without deep knowledge of how computer system works, writing code, knowledge in networking is not possible to be a professional hacker.

When the Administrator of this site was working for various company as penetration tester, he also wrote blog post about programming,networking and security exploits in blog.pusheax.com. Hacking is not just using metasploit without understanding, It is a research! 

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