Preparing System for C Programming

IDE,MingW and GCC

Writing C code in CodeLite
Writing C code in CodeLite

Before writing C language codes we must need to prepare our system. The system can be windows or Linux. We only need to setup few tools:

  1. An IDE – Can be any Text Editor.
  2. MingW Compiler.


Windows for C Programming

In windows i am going to install two tools 1) a IDE CodeLite and 2) MingW64 , gcc for windows.

Downloading the IDE from:

Downloading the MingW from: SourcFroge

After downloading i have installed first TDM-MingW and then CodeLite IDE.


Now our windows 10 system is ready to write C language code.



Ubuntu for C Programming

On Ubuntu just run the following command:

As IDE i am using Kate or Gedit


Time to forward !