Practicing of C programming

Learning the basic of C Programming Language

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Many years ago i was searching for best and powerful programming language to learn as my first programming language. I did lot of searching on Google since none was to help me except my Google Friend.

I was getting very frustrate to select a language and learn as soon as possible. Because I wanted to print something on my computer screen, hehe.

After lot of searching i got many opinions that C Programming is the most powerful and oldest programming and the Unix system . Also Many software written in C programming language is vulnerable to buffer overflow attack. So it caught my attention to learn the basic of C programming language. I have read few books but it was really hard for me to understand the syntax, because it was my first language. But still i learned to read C code 🙂 .

Again i wanted to practice this language for next few days. Whatever i practice , i will post in this blog so that you guys can see what i am doing and can make opinion.


Finally, I will say, I am not enough expert to make tutorials , so this is not tutorial on C programming language. Just sharing  my step to make my logical thinking better. But still this is going to help who are beginners. I will only practice and will give example in the following topics:

System and Compiler
C Programming Operators
Variables and Types
Array and Strings
Struct,union and enum
Input and Output
Working with File
Basic Networking
Understanding GDB
Some Builtin functions
Editing peoples Codes

After practicing all of these in few days(Likely 7-10 days) i will move to Python or C++ then PHP or Java. Hopefully you guys will enjoy my post!