Hacking Android With Metasploit [Video Tutorial]


Hacking android is a bit different than other system hacking or pentesting. But still a new pentester or hacker can hack an android phone easily using open source metasploit framework.


In this post i will show how you can use the metasploit to hack android phone. Metasploit has a built-in tool called “msfvenom” which used to create payload and generate shellcode. To generate the apk we need to know some basic as belows:


LHOST= Your Local IP where the connection will be reversed(My IP

LPORT= Local Port to accept the connection(My Local Port 1337).


I am using metasploit in Kali Linux. Here is the command to generate infected apk file:


Here is the Details command with output:


Now Use the following command in msfconsole:


Send the pusheax.apk to the android user and wait for the connection.


This is how an android hacked or pentested using metasploit. If a phone need to tested over Internet then you need use your public IP then forward the 1337 port to your local computer.


I will update this post with a video tutorial!