C Programming operators


Operators are Symbol to execute various mathematical or logical operation. C programming has 7 type of operators:

  1. Arithmetic
  2. Relational
  3. Logical
  4. Assignment
  5. Data
  6. Bitwise Operators
  7. Miscellaneous

For learning purpose i tried to memorize some operators. Below i have posted them.


C Programming Arithmetic Operator

++Increment 1++=2
--Decrement 2--=1


C programming Relational Operator

=='Equal2==2 is true
!=Not Equal2!=1 is True and 2==1 is False
>Greater Than2>1 Two is grater than 1
<Less than1<2 one is less than two
>=Grater than or Equal2>=2 two is equal
<=Less than or Equal1<=2 One is less than 2


C programming Logical Operator

&&Both operand should be non-zeroa&&b true
||One of operand is none-zeroa||b True
!Logical Not!(a&&b) True


C programming Bitwise Operator

&And(c & d)=13
|Or(c | d)=13
^(c ^ d)=13
<<Shift leftc<<2=15
>>Shift rightd>>2=12


C programming Assignment Operator

=Assign EqualA=12
+=Assign Plus-equalB+=A
Result is 24
-=Assign Minus-equalB-=A
Result 0
/=Assign Equal-divide B/=A
Same as B=B/A
*=Assign Equal-multipleB*=A
Same as B=B*A
%=Assign Equal-ModuleB%=A
Same as B=B%A


These are the most important operators i am working with mostly. You also can memorize them to write code faster!