Backtrack reborn as Kali – downloaded Kali Linux


BackTrack Reborn as Kali Linux. Yesterday i have downloaded Kali Linux from which has gnome as default DE (Classic mode) . Most penetration testers knows about Backtrack Linux which was Ubuntu based. Now it is based on Debian which is big advantage of it. This is more nice that They made it more simpler and looks beautiful.

It seems they did not included much new tools , maybe they excluded some tools from the Kali Linux. There is also not any directory called /penetesting .

All tools are installed in /usr/bin and /usr/local/sbin . Peoples now need to search the tools using locate,whereis etc if they don’t know the name of tools. Truthfully, Kali(Backtrack Linux) now bit hard for newbie and Newbie should not try this pentesting distribution. But believe me, It is now enough good .

Note: using tools is not skid. Everybody uses tools. Operating system itself is a tool. They are skid who are doing the thing without knowing anything. You are good to go with new Kali linux if you are good in Linux(Debian).